How has the Internet changed our practice?

At the office of Drs. David Engen and Rudolf Hahn, we are committed to serving our patients’ needs in the best and most efficient ways possible. In order to do so, we stay up-to-date on the latest technology that is available to us. For example, the Internet has impacted our office in very positive ways:

  • We provide each patient with a business card that includes our web address along with their paperwork. This way our patients are able to see who we are and what we offer before coming in for their initial visit!
  • Patients appreciate the convenience of paying their bills online.
  • We have e-mail appointment reminders for patients’ upcoming dental visits.
  • Patients are able to confirm their appointments online.
  • Our electronic newsletters are well-received by our patients.
  • Patients are able to go on our website and get answers to frequently asked questions about the different services we offer.
  • We are able to send and receive digital radiographs between offices, providing quicker service and better communication for our patients.
  • Each patient is asked how they would like to be contacted for their appointments. We offer several communication options including home and cell phone, text messaging and email.

Our patients are important to us and we strive to provide them with only the best experiences in our office. See you at your next appointment!


Pam L. (Periodontal patient)
Jun 29, 2014


Due to the severity of my dental needs, my regular dentist referred me to Dr. Engen’s office. Being referred to a periodontal specialist is not something I would wish upon anyone, and it was difficult going to another dentist. However, from the minute I entered their office I was greeted by professional, friendly staff members who acknowledged me with a warm smile and a pleasant, cheerful welcome. The doctors and hygienists demonstrated a high level of expertise and technical competency by effectively communicating the options available to address my dental needs. Each and every staff member I encountered, from the receptionist, to the doctors are extremely dedicated to creating a long term relationship with each one of their patients, including taking the time to educate each patient about oral hygiene. The staff at your office works harmoniously, cooperatively and effectively as a team to make your time with them as productive as possible. I would highly recommend this office to anyone seeking resolution to any dental issues and be assured you will be pleasantly surprised with your time with them.

Paul H
Jun 29, 2014


Dr. Hahn was were excellent. Very efficient and told me exactly what to expect.