Orthodontic Crown Lengthening

Orthodontic crown lengthening has the same biologic basis as traditional crown lengthening, and that is getting the margin of the restoration 3mm away from the level of the bone. Whereas surgical crown lengthening works well from a functional and biological standpoint, if done in the upper front teeth it can sometimes result in an un-esthetic appearance of the gum tissue.

Orthodontic crown lengthening is a method of achieving the biological crown lengthening required while still maintaining the esthetics that are so important in the front teeth.

How does it work?
Orthodontic crown lengthening takes advantage of dental anatomy and uses it to your advantage. There are fibers, called supra-crestal fibers. These supra-crestal fibers go from the tooth to the top of the bone. Orthodontic brackets (braces) are put on the tooth to be lengthened, as well as on one tooth on each side. With the braces we orthodontically erupt the tooth. If the supra-crestal fibers are left intact then as the tooth erupts these fibers will “pull” the bone and gum tissue with it. This would not give you any lengthening of the crown. If, however, the supra-crestal fibers are cut as the tooth is erupted, the tooth will erupt, the bone will stay put, the crown will be lengthened, and the esthetics will have been preserved. Generally it takes 2-3 weeks of active eruption followed by 3 months of stabilization before you can get your final restoration.

                                                 Orthodontic Crown LengtheningOrthodontic Crown Lenghtening - front teeth

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