Your First Visit (Dental Exam)

Your general dentist has referred you to our office for a dental exam because he/she believes you have either a specific periodontal concern or a more general periodontal condition which requires special attention.

When you come into our office for the first time, you will be greeted by one of our front office staff. You should have received the initial paperwork in the mail. Please have this filled out prior to coming to our office. This will save you time when you get here.

Dental Exam in our Spokane OfficeOnce you have been brought back to the examination room, we will review your medical history. Every patient will receive a comprehensive examination including a soft tissue and cancer screening exam from the doctor to determine the complete periodontal status of
your mouth.

After the doctor has had the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate your Dr. Engen discussing proposed periodontal treatment with patientrecords and X-Rays, you will meet one-on-one for a private consultation and discuss your proposed treatment options. We place great emphasis on educating our patients on the disease process as well as discussing of different treatment options. This is your opportunity to ask questions of the doctor.

Dental hygienist discussing treatment options with patientAfter your private consultation with the doctor, you will meet with our business office where we will answer any financial questions you have, check insurance coverage, and schedule your treatment. There will be an examination fee for your initial visit.

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Evaleen M.
Jun 29, 2014


He was very friendly, and made me feel comfortable about what was going to happen and the steps we needed to take.

Paul H
Jun 29, 2014


Dr. Hahn was were excellent. Very efficient and told me exactly what to expect.