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The Inland NorthWest Dental Hygiene Study Club (INWDHSC) was started in September 2006. To date, it is the largest hygiene study club in the country with the purpose of providing continuing education to the top hygienists in the Inland Northwest. Co-founded by Dr. Engen & Dr. Nygaard, the INWDHSC has brought in renowned local and national speakers.

To contact the INWDHSC for information, or to get on the waiting list, please contact our club coordinator Stacy at Stacy@DrEngen.com. You can also check us out on Facebook for upcoming events.

Calendar for 2021 Session


February 19, 2021                                                                                                      8AM – 3:30PM


Yvonne received her BSDH & MSDH form Eastern WA University. She currently practices in a specialty periodontics practice in Spokane. She received advanced training in laser to use in conjunction with dental hygiene therapy. Yvonne is a former EWU professor having taught in the clinic, pain control lab and restorative dentistry.

She is an active member of the ADHA and serves on the INWDHSC board.

Practicing since 2003, Yvonne has experience in general dentistry, specialty periodontal & orthodontic dentistry and takes pride in focused care. “My primary focus is on patient’s periodontal health. Being a part of a specialty practice, allows me to concentrate on being a prevention specialist and advocate for the patient. Prevention works.”

Outside of the office, Yvonne enjoys her family of four children: Brittany -30, Emily -24, Connor -20, Andrew -16 and her granddaughter, Lainey -2. She is passionate about health and fitness and has competed,  placed and ranked nationally in body building. Yvonne’s favorite hobby is baking and eating the finished product. 

Course Description:

“Dealing with Harassment in the Workforce”

In this lecture our very own Yvonne Aitken will first give an overview of harassment in the workforce, and in particular what hygienists may experience in the dental office.  This is not limited to just dentists, but to patients as well as other staff members.  After the lecture we will break into round table groups and discuss various situations and how the hygienist can deal with it.  We will share our findings to the group at large after each scenario. 

Learning Objectives:

“Dealing with Harassment in the Workforce”

1) How to recognize what is appropriate and what is inappropriate behavior in the dental setting;

2) How to deal with situations of harassment in the workforce;

3) How to pre-empt situations before they even present themselves

February 19, 2021                                                                                                             8AM – 3:30PM

Dr. Charles Regalado is a graduate of the University of Washington Dental School and has been in private practice in Spokane for 26 years.  He has taught on various levels on topics such as adhesive dentistry, indirect porcelain and composite restorations, Anterior Cosmetic Smile Design, and full mouth reconstruction.  He was recently on the restorative faculty at Eastern Washington University Dental Hygiene School and is currently a full faculty member of the Bioclear Learning Center in Tacoma, WA.



Course Description:

Bioclear: The Game Changer for Beautiful Lasting Composite Dentistry”

Too Many Questions About Composite

Composite is the most commonly placed material used in direct restorations. However, it still has a replacement rate much higher than amalgam and has not decreased the risk of tooth fracture despite our exceptional adhesives today. Why is that?

Are too many teeth being crowned today just because of existing large restorations?  Is that how you would like your tooth treated?

When it comes to cosmetic options, does composite stand a chance against Porcelain veneers? Can minimal or zero prep restorations with composite really satisfy patients demands?

What about tissue health and composite? How can we reduce the Biofilm problem?

Learning Objectives:

“Bioclear: The Game Changer for Beautiful Lasting Composite Dentistry”

This short presentation is designed to update dental hygienists with information about the Bioclear method that is gaining in popularity and finally changing dentistry from old methods still taught in schools today to the new modern and healthier techniques.  While dentists are coming from literally all over the world to learn about Bioclear, very few dental professionals really know what it is all about or have integrated it into their practice. Yet.

You will learn how prep designs taught in the majority of dental schools are actually harmful to the teeth and how Bioclear changes all of that.  You will also learn how composite can be made as strong as the most popular all-porcelain crown. See how even full mouth worn dentitions are being restored without crowns and without unneeded tooth reduction. Finally see why many people today will choose Bioclear over porcelain crowns and veneers for the cosmetic smile design makeovers.

Specific to hygienists will be the impact Bioclear has on tissue health and biofilm accumulation. 

February 19, 2021                                                                                                             8AM – 3:30PM

Jamie Collins, RDH is a clinical practicing hygienist in Idaho and Washington states.  She has been in the dental field for nearly twenty years both as an assistant and hygienist.  In addition to clinical practice Jamie is also an educator, has contributed to multiple textbooks, and curriculum development. In addition to writing textbooks she is also a frequently published international author for RDH Magazine, DentistyIQ and RDH eVillage among others.

Jamie can be contacted at jamiecollins.rdh@gmail.com

Course Description:

                “Vaping – A viable Alternative or Danger in the Air?”

The popularity of vaping among all ages is on the rise, often with unregulated products. The market is catering to the younger generation, marketing appealing and concealing devices and flavors. 

Few studies and long-term effects are widely unknown, education and screening patients is a key element in any dental practice.  Attendees will learn the dangers, and impacts on the oral and systemic health conditions, leaving with the knowledge to discuss vaping with patients.

Learning Objectives:

“Vaping – A viable Alternative or Danger in the Air?”

·         Attendees will review the effects on the body of vaping

·         Review of common ingredients in vaping devices

·         Introduce conditions and risk that can be associated with vaping devices

·         Discuss recent studies related to Vaping dangers

·         Discuss recommendation options that may be utilized to discuss dangers with patients and alternatives


This lecture-based presentation utilizes PowerPoint, interactive case studies and personal experiences with embedded videos to discuss the topic. 

April 23, 2021                                                                                                                      8AM – 3:30PM

Lauralee Nygaard, DDS, MS - Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology
Fellow, International Society of Periodontal Plastic Surgeons
Bale-Doneen Method Preceptor Course

Dr. Nygaard is a board-certified periodontist, with three additional years of specialty training beyond dental school.  Dr. Nygaard attended Loma Linda University where she earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree.  Dr. Nygaard continued her education for three additional years at Loma Linda University in the graduate periodontics program for specialty training in periodontics, soft tissue procedures and implant dentistry where she earned a Certificate in Periodontics and a Masters of Science degree.  

Dr. Nygaard is well known for her exceptional skill with connective tissue grafting and esthetic dental implants.  She is also an advocate for patients who desire to manage their total health through proper oral health.  Dr. Nygaard works closely with several cardiologists and heart attack & stroke specialists to manage patients' risk(s).  

Dr. Nygaard is a member of numerous dental organizations including the American Academy of Periodontology, the American Dental Association, the Washington State Dental Association, the Spokane District Dental Society, she is a Fellow in the International Society of Periodontal Plastic Surgeons and a Fellow of the American College of Dentists.

Dr. Nygaard is the director of the Meridian Dental Study Group (an affiliate of the nationally renowned Seattle Study Club network), a group of local dentists who are committed to providing quality, comprehensive treatment options for their patients. This group meets monthly to discuss clinical cases, new techniques and technologies. This forum allows the members to learn from each other’s' experiences, thereby elevating the level of dental care among the group.

Dr. Nygaard is married and has two teenage children.  She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, snow skiing, boating, baking gluten free items and reading.

Course Description:

Microbiome and Oral Health Connection”

After suffering a stroke, Dr. Nygaard learned her gum health might have played a role in her cardiac event. That life changing event began a journey to recover her health and led to her discovery of the role oral microbiome plays in systemic health. Dr. Nygaard will share the role that dental teams can play in the screening, diagnosis and treatment of systemic disease and help patients achieve optimal systemic health.

Learning Objectives:

“Microbiome and Oral Health Connection”

         Learn about the microbiome and its impact on systemic health.

1)    Learn the two pathways oral bacteria and impact systemic disease.

2)   Learn the current AAP disease classifications

3)   Learn the systemic diseases that are linked to oral microbiome.

4)   Learn which systemic disease requires co-care between dentist and physician, and how to communicate interdisciplinary care requests.

5)   Learn how to maintain a healthy oral microbiome.

6)   Understand the role of dental hygienist in systemic health.


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