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We understand dental treatment represents a significant investment both emotionally as well as financially. We are committed to addressing both the emotional as well as the financial aspects of your dental treatment in our office.

Our office has two full time professionals who work in our business office on behalf of our patients. We will spend the time necessary for you to understand what your insurance will (or will not) cover, financing options, as well as working around your schedule.

Q: I have dental insurance. That should cover 80% of my costs, right?

A: Dental insurance is very different than medical insurance. Dental insurance is much more limiting than medical insurance. With medical, the insurance will usually cover X% of the disease. With dental, the insurance will sometimes cover X% of the treatment… up to a limit of $1,000, or $1,500. Above and beyond that it doesn’t matter if it’s a covered expense, the dental insurance company is not going to pay. Dental insurance is more of a subsidy more than anything else. That being said, whatever benefits you have coming, we will make sure you get them. However, we never let the insurance companies tell us what we can, or cannot recommend to our patients. We tell you what you need.”

Q: Are you in my PPO network?

A: Many people get confused with regard to whether our office is “in network” or “out of network”. The answer is, it doesn’t matter. You are not limited to just network periodontists. You have the right to go to any office you choose. We do not subscribe to any particular network.

Q: Does ObamaCare cover dental treatment?

A: ObamaCare does not cover dental treatment.

Q: Will it cost me more if you are not in my PPO network?

A: Dental insurance is more of a subsidy than anything else. Offices in the network get reimbursed at 80%…(up to your total benefit [usually ~$1,000-1,5000]), while offices not in the network get reimbursed at 70%…(up to your total benefit [usually ~$1,000-1,500]). In other words, it doesn’t matter because your maximum benefit is the same either way. You will still get your $1,000 or $1,500 maximum, and the rest was always going to be out of pocket, regardless of network status.

Q: Why don’t you belong to my PPO network?

A: We have set the highest standards of care for our patients, and we are not willing to compromise those standards. We know what it takes to deliver the standard of care we would expect for ourselves, and we would offer no less for our deserving patients. We will never allow the insurance companies to tell us what we can or cannot recommend to our patients. We will tell you what you need. That is our professional obligation and our promise to you.


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