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Periolase Dentist Spokane

Dr. Engen – One of Spokane’s First Periolase Dentists

“Laser dentistry” can mean a lot of different things. Dr. Engen is a certified laser dentist who is one of the very few dentists in Spokane to implement Periolase laser therapy in the treatment and management of periodontal (gum) disease. Periodontal disease is a serious condition that causes more adults to lose their teeth than any other dental condition. How? Gum disease is caused by bacteria under the gumlines within the “pocket” around each tooth. These bacteria then cause infection, diseased tissues that detach from the tooth, bone loss, bleeding, and tooth mobility.

As infection spreads deeper around the tooth, the gum and bone tissue no longer support the tooth itself, compromising its stability. In the past, periodontal disease could only hope to be treated through deep cleanings or surgical measures. With Periolase, patients can benefit from tremendous results without any uncomfortable surgical procedures. Using Periolase after the teeth has been cleaned allows the body to heal itself naturally and better than ever before.

Are All Lasers the Same?

No. There are many types of dental lasers used for various purposes. For instance, some lasers are used for prepping a tooth for a restoration while others are used to treat soft tissue lesions such as cold sores. Dr. Engen is one of only 3 dentists in Spokane that utilizes Laser Periodontal Therapy with the Periolase Laser. This form of laser treats the area of diseased gum tissue around your mouth, so that periodontal disease conditions can be reversed. Other types of lasers such as Waterlase or Diodes are more unlike Periolase than they are like it. Comparing them is like comparing a bicycle to a Ferrari. Dr. Engen is one of the first Spokane dentists to invest in Periolase technology, providing the very best service possible to his patients with gum disease.

Periolase Utilizes State of the Art Technology that:

  • Selectively destroys diseased tissues
  • Eliminates active bacteria
  • Is safe for underlying healthy connective tissue
  • Effectively treats periodontal disease
  • The only laser designed to treat periodontal pockets

Dr. Engen has made the investment in over $100,000 worth of technology to make Periolase accessible to our patients. It is above and beyond the highest quality of laser available for the modern periodontal patient.

How does Periolase Work?

Periolase is the first and only laser that has been cleared by the FDA to generate new periodontal attachment and bone formation. By design, Periolaser helps to reverse or eliminate the symptoms of periodontal disease – including tissue detachment, tooth mobility, bone loss, and gum recession.

The Periolase fiber is about the width of 3 human hairs. It is placed alongside of the tooth, just under the gum tissue and adjacent to the infected periodontal area. It is guided back and forth between the gums and the teeth to remove this diseased tissue. Unlike other lasers, Periolase only removes selected, diseased tissues and infection, leaving healthy connective tissue still in place. This also improves visibility during the removal of calcified tartar deposits on the roots of the teeth. The laser is then used following the cleaning to sterilize the pocket and create a sticky barrier that prevents new bacteria from entering the area.

Your Periolase Appointment

Choosing to have Periolase therapy is a smart investment in the health of your smile. Unlike surtical periodontal treatments, Periolase therapy takes only a few minutes to perform. The laser is used after the area has been cleaned and is free of tartar and debris. Your treatment may require only one visit or may be accomplished in 2-3 phases (this will be determined during your treatment plan consultation.)

Dr. Engen’s patients report the Periolase treatment being relatively painless. In most cases, our patients experience little to no discomfort whatsoever. The majority of our patients return to normal activities the very next day. Dr. Engen will prescribe antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory to take following your treatment to minimize any discomfort.

Is Laser Therapy Right for You?

After your initial examination with Dr. Engen, we will discuss your proposed treatment options. For many patients, laser gum treatments are an alternative to more invasive gum surgeries provided by 3rd party providers. If you decide that laser therapy is the choice for you, we will be happy to discuss insurance and financial arrangements with you. The investment in laser therapy helps treatment remain as minimally invasive as possible, when compared with conventional therapies.

Perhaps you’ve tried other types of gum disease therapies in the past, but haven’t quite gotten the results that you’ve bargained for. Maybe your current dentist has even told you that your teeth need to be extracted because of how badly infected the gums around them are. If that’s the case, we invite you to call Dr. Engen to schedule a brief exam and X-rays to determine whether or not Periolase Laser therapy can save your smile.


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