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Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings/Recalls

Now that you have gone through the initial therapy (scaling and root planing), and possibly some corrective procedures (pocket reduction, bone grafting, implants) you are placed in a maintenance phase of treatment. Periodontal maintenance cleanings are just as important to the success of your case as any procedures we may do in the office. The maintenance phase is where patients make or break their case.

Depending on your individual condition, you may be placed on an alternating recall (maintenance) basis with your general dentist. Just as it is vital that you maintain a close relationship with our office, so too should you stay close to your general dentist who is your dental home. In this way we work together to best care for your periodontal and dental needs.

  • Recall/Cleanings for Periodontal Patients
  • Recall/Cleanings for Orthodontic Patients

Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings

Q: Why are recall visits important?
A: Just as you have to maintain a new car when you purchase it, so too do you have to maintain your oral hygiene after periodontal surgery. This aspect of your treatment is every bit as important as the surgery itself, and critical to your ultimate outcome.

Q: What is the primary goal of treatment?
A: The primary goal of periodontal treatment is to create tissue and bone contours around the teeth that you can keep clean at home. With proper home care and recall visits we can control the bacteria in your mouth. Without proper home care and recall visits you can potentially break down faster than if you had never undergone treatment in the first place.

Q: Where does my general dentist fit in?
A: When it comes to your periodontal health, we are partners with you and your general dentist. We usually get into some type of alternating recall visits with your general dentist. It is important that we remain part of your maintenance team. If there is additional breakdown, it is better if we intercept it early while the problem is small and more manageable. Also, because we are familiar with the surgical correction performed, we are in the best position to help you maintain your gains.

Recall/Cleanings for Orthodontic Patients

Q: Why are recall visits so important?
A: Keeping your mouth clean is challenging enough on a day to day basis. Cleaning your teeth with orthodontic appliances is even more challenging.

Q: What are the risks during orthodontic treatment?
A: First, the risk of decay is greater when access is limited. Second, while the brackets will not decay the tooth structure around the brackets can decay. This can lead to white spots and rings on your teeth when the braces come off. Finally, poor oral hygiene can cause the gums to become red, puffy and inflamed. This can cause bleeding, unsightly gums, as well as difficulty with adjustments at your orthodontic appointments. This can potentially prolong treatment.

Q: How often should I have my teeth cleaned?
A: Dr. Engen recommends all his orthodontic patients be seen for routine cleaning at the general dentist’s office every three months.

Q: Will my insurance cover this many cleanings?
A: Every insurance plan is different. Some may, some may not. Your orthodontics is an investment in your smile. It is only for a temporary period of time that you will need to have three month recalls.


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