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Using the Wilckodontics procedure, most orthodontic cases in both adolescents and adults can be completed 3 to 4 times faster than would be possible with conventional orthodontics. Treatment time is finished in 3-8 months. This is accomplished by combining efficient orthodontic mechanics and time-tested alveolar decortication and augmentation techniques. The end result is straight teeth, a structurally sound periodontium, and patients that are extremely grateful.

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“Dr. Engen is trained in both Periodontics and Orthodontics. As such, he is uniquely qualified to perform both the surgical aspect as well as the orthodontic part of treatment. We are the only office in the Inland Northwest to be able to offer the entire Wilckodontics treatment in house.”

“With Wilckodontics Dr. Engen surgically “stimulates” the bone which enables a condition known as Rapid Acceleratory Phenomenon (RAP). With RAP, the bone enters a demineraized state which enables the teeth to move through the bone very rapidly. After six months, the bone re-mineralizes and the teeth are now in their new, stable position.”

“Wilckodontics not only treats patients in about 6 months, but it increases the scope of treatments that are biologically possible. Movements which are not possible with conventional orthodontics are now possible with Wilckodontics.”


Q: What is Wilckodontics?
A: Wilckodontics is a surgical procedure where Dr. Engen stimulates the bone into a demineralized, more active state. This active state enables orthodontic treatment (with braces or Invisalign) to occur in about 6 months.

Q: Is Wilckodontics safe?
A: Wilckodontics is extremely safe, and has over 17 years of research to support it’s merits.

Q: Are Wilkdontics results stable?
A: The orthodontic result is actually more stable because of the treatment. That is because the teeth settle into their new skeletal position before the bone remineralizes.

Q: Does Wilckodontics cause root resorption?
A: Actually, there is less root resorption because the teeth are moving through a demineralized bone matrix.

Q: Does Wilckodontics cause gum recession?
A: The procedure actually results in increased gum thickness, and improved periodontal health

Q: Does Wilckodontics hurt?
A: The initial surgical part will result in some moderate discomfort. The discomfort subsides after about 1-2 weeks.

Q: How much does Wilckodontics cost?
A: The orthodontics cost is the same as with conventional treatment. The surgery typically adds 60% more for one arch (upper or lower) and roughly double for both arches.

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